Monday, October 26, 2009

PSNWA Photoshoot at Boxley Valley and Lost Valley Hike

Saturday, the PSNWA sponsered a photo trip to Boxley Valley and Lost Valley on the Buffalo River to shoot Elk. The Elk were there but disappeared as the sun came up and the fog burned off. It turned out to be a beautiful day and did finally warmed up some. Some people got tired of waiting for the light but it was well worth waiting for. The fall colors were spectacular. We met at the Ponca Elk Center for a tour and lunch, then went to Lost Valley State Park for a hike up the trail. Long day but great for shooting.

Two of the elk we could see

This house has a fantastic view of Boxley Valley

Boxley Valley View

Watching the fog burn off.

Swan in the mill pond.

Ponca Elk Center

I'm bored

She couldn't control her on the leash.

Lost Valley Hike shots.

Falls at Natural Bridge

This guy was determined to get his shot at Eden Falls. I thought for sure he was going to fall in. He was one of hundreds of people that we encountered that were enjoying the weather and colors.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kindlin Spirits at the Greek Theater, University of Arkansas 2009

Friday, my daughter's fire spinning troop gave a performance at the Greek Theater, University of Arkansas, for the Omni Center for Peace. She started this troop a couple of years ago and they just keep getting larger and better.  They call themselves "Kindlin Spirits".  A search on Utube will pull up some video of some of their performances.