Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lights of the Ozarks 2010

Last night Diane and I went up to the square to photograph the Christmas Lights on the square. I shot all these handheld except the first one that I used a garbage can for support. All were shot with the K 7 and all but two were with the Pentax DA 21mm Limited. I thought I would go back again sometime with my tripod, but I am pretty happy with these. The first shot is at 560 iso and the second is at 2200 iso. All the rest are at 800 iso. I am glad it wasn't verry cold last night, some years, I have endured 20 degree temps to shoot the lights. The only problem was a wind gusting to 20 mph last night.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boxley Valley and Steel Creek Campground on the Buffalo River

Bikes, Blues, and BBQ was last week and I shot almost 800 shots from Wednesday thru Sunday. So what did I do Monday? I got up before dawn and drove out into the woods to photograph the Elk in Boxley Valley. One thing I discovered, the F 100 - 300 is not a good wildlife lens. Oh well, use what you have. After shooting the elk for a while, I drove to Steel Creek Campground hoping to catch some elk there. I saw some deer but they vanished as soon as I got out the tripod. The bluffs and river didn't move so I got them.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strange Heros at Bikes, Blues, & BBQ 2010

Last night was the first night of Bikes, Blues, & BBQ 2010 and I went to photograph Kirk's Band Strange Heros